Past Exhibitions



Marina Shterenberg is an interdisciplinary artist who works with painting, installation and interactive performance. Marina grew up in the Ukraine and has lived and exhibited in New York, California, Texas, Netherlands and recently Scotland. She is the founder and director of Star Mountain Art, an education program of collaborative projects between artists and children that spans from public sculpture to pirate radio. Additionally, she has taught in higher education, including at Brookhaven and Collin College.

Marina’s varied experiences serve as inspiration for the themed projects, exploring the ideas of strangeness and belonging. Marina focuses very heavily on exploring how we move through public spaces, construct personal space and establish connections influenced by history, culture and shared experience. In many of Shterenberg’s paintings, she communicates the illusion of stability of built places such as architectural forms. By using watercolor’s natural transparency and frailty of cut paper, the paper’s surface becomes a boundary that can take you into imagined, infinite space or disintegrate into the wall.


David Masterson

Painting to me is very personal but live painting, or location painting pushes me to try new things. I can lose myself in many paintings I have working. Keeping 2 to 3 works open at all times, helps my mind stay free to stop and change gears as necessary. I have a need, a drive, an impulse to paint, to create, to explore color, shade, tint, line and form. I have days when the work continuously pours out of me and it will not stop. I come home tired and spent. I paint until I have no more to give the canvas. Other days I stand in front of a blank canvas, uninspired, only to leave and return another day. Then there is a shift inside me, sparks fly down deep, inspiration starts to boil inside me. I can feel it burning, but I hold back till I can't stand it, then it’s on. Bonfires erupt in my imagination and the urge and drive to have the brush in my hand and a pallet full of paint is overwhelming. When I create, I feel great joy and happiness. When I share it with others, and see my paintings bring them joy as well, this is, in part, what it is all about. When I have painted my last canvas and given the world all I have as an artist, it is my hope to be but a breath of air, an empty vessel. I want to have given you my all and left you with paintings that stir your thoughts and move your soul.

faces and ribbons

Esther Ritz

Esther Ritz, born New York City, has been working as an abstract painter and contemporary artist in Dallas and Santa Fe for the last fifteen years. She is a lifelong painter who began experimenting with color at an early age. Esther vividly remembers her parents taking her, as a child, to Greenwich Village in New York City. They went to an art supply store to purchase a real artist's box, with oil paints and brushes. The acquisition of authentic art supplies solidified a vote of confidence in her artistic talent.

Esther has studied at intensive workshops with French and American master painters. In 2010 her work was juried and selected to be in the national magazine, Studio Visit. Esther was recently awarded Best in Show by the Texas Visual Artists Association in 2013. Esther allows her energy to flow freely onto the canvas in the form of paint. She is inspired by the rhythm of upbeat music, from musicians such as Buddy Holly, Al Green, Elton John, and Aretha Franklin. Her paintings are guided by a compelling sense of color and a strong instinct for pattern and texture. Her uninhibited exploration of collage is mesmerizing. Esther harnesses her imagination without restraint. The power of her unconscious results in a creative process that is quite astonishing. "I like to let the freedom, play, emotion, and energy of the moment take over and guide each work of art. This demands I pay attention, stay in the moment, and enter into a new relationship. Each painting becomes an absorbing mystery, with its
unique possibilities, expectations, frustrations, and surprises."

Untitled Landscape-oil on canvas

Kevin Perkins

Kevin Perkins is an American artist working from his home studio in Dallas, Texas. His practice encompasses landscape and figurative painting in which he pulls technique and material from the cannon of art history as well as life experience.

Perkins recent undertaking of portraiture is an exploration into the subtleties of human expression and the effect that color has on the viewer’s perception the subject. His paintings intend to draw the viewer in to the space of the work. With his landscape paintings, this is achieved in various ways:  through color, a sense of depth and light. It is this vein in which Perkins is exploring portraiture. The figures are not dissimilar to the mythic siren, intended to draw the viewer in and hold them there. His paintings are meant to be experienced purely aesthetically. They are windows into another world that invite the viewer in for a time.


Didi AlKassih

Didi works with acrylic paints, she likes texture and layers, and is influenced by the works of Gerard Richter among others. She’s strongly drawn to abstract expressionism and loves to experiment with different styles vs maintaining a single cohesive one.


Steven Charles

The works are process driven, improvisational paintings rooted in chance and gesture, simultaneously mapping a detailed terrain through the landscape of accident.
I make them up as I go along. Nine years of school, two degrees and twenty years living in NYC, operating as a professional artist for 16 of those years, provides me with a wealth of inspiration and information to draw from in the moment, the moment of standing in front of a blank canvas.
The paintings are acts of joy, a deep love and curiosity for what painting is and who I am, through paint.