Past Exhibitions

Untitled Landscape-oil on canvas

Kevin Perkins

Kevin Perkins is an American artist working from his home studio in Dallas, Texas. His practice encompasses landscape and figurative painting in which he pulls technique and material from the cannon of art history as well as life experience.

Perkins recent undertaking of portraiture is an exploration into the subtleties of human expression and the effect that color has on the viewer’s perception the subject. His paintings intend to draw the viewer in to the space of the work. With his landscape paintings, this is achieved in various ways:  through color, a sense of depth and light. It is this vein in which Perkins is exploring portraiture. The figures are not dissimilar to the mythic siren, intended to draw the viewer in and hold them there. His paintings are meant to be experienced purely aesthetically. They are windows into another world that invite the viewer in for a time.

winter show

Winter Student Show

January 12th

Join us for a special evening showcasing the art & digital work of One River School students of all ages. Enjoy interactive projects, music and much more. Bring your friends & family. Let's celebrate!



Didi works with acrylic paints, she likes texture and layers, and is influenced by the works of Gerard Richter among others. She’s strongly drawn to abstract expressionism and loves to experiment with different styles vs maintaining a single cohesive one.